Personalized Poker Chips

Home poker tournaments and Texas Hold-‘Em games happen to be acquiring increasing popularity during the past several years. Whether a weekend warrior or a veteran poker player, most of us end up sponsoring our poker tournaments in the kitchen, basement, or garage because of limited space in the home. I usually end up getting stacks of customized poker chips and have to arrange them every time the gang comes over to play with poker. Another issue is that not all of my friends have enough customized poker chips, and I must transport my chips back and forth to my friend’s houses. During my journeys, my processors that are high-priced face the chance of becoming lost in transportation or damage.

The alternative… A custom wooden customized poker chips case with removable chip trays! The processor case can solve a variety of organizational, storage and transport issues. A quality case will allow you to sort your chips’ denominations and neatly arrange them. Wooden poker cases can sometimes contain processor trays which can be used to protect and store your customized poker chips, or could be taken out to pile player’s chips at the poker table. Quite often, processor trays include the poker case as a group, but may be purchased individually depending upon your needs. I found that a fantastic belief is established by walking right into a poker game with your own customized poker chips case. Additionally, it lets people know that I am serious about my game.

There really are plenty of trays and customized poker chips cases from affordable plastic trays to expensive sets, available on the market. If you have clay chips similar to me, and not those cheap knock off ones from Wal Mart, you’ll want to keep them in a suitable case. The final thing you need to be seen lugging around are those aluminum attache cases. In my own opinion, those are not worth the shipping cost! I have discovered that the cases that were wooden look classy in just about any room. Lots of people think the poker chest is a fine cigar case or decorative storage box. The case also provides a place for one to keep your cards and buy in cash, and is ideal for arranging your chips. This is outstanding as you don’t have to be concerned about cards becoming flexed or funds vanishing from someone’s rear pocket.

Customized Poker Chips

When choosing a wooden case, there are various designs you can pick from, and you may choose from various hard woods, if you order a custom case made to your specifications. You might desire to think about a custom built case to house your one of a kind, collectible processors. A great deal of money seems foolish to display them in a plastic case when spending it on collectible processors. One thing to think about when selecting a wooden chip case would be to specify the finish be ‘chip friendly.’ Polyurethane or a non-soluble varnish as an ideal choice does not impart any staining in your processors, is it.

Be sure that the Casino Chips are suitably sized for the chip case, when researching a processor case to buy. Large denomination chips, as well as processors depending on the Paulson Inverted Hat and Cane (IHC) fractionals mold, are of the bigger 43mm size, and will most likely need custom processor trays and cases. Casino Chip thickness may also influence how challenging it is overly remove or add chips from a tray. As a processor starts to show signals of wear, edges could become less crisp and also the chip becomes a bit thinner. Over time, processors may begin to wiggle somewhat in the case.

From my experience, a wooden customized poker chips case reveals your poker friends you have an eye for organization and fashion, and adds a touch of class to any home poker game. Get the information about customized poker chips you are seeking now by visiting