Office Mac 2011 Product Key

When you “make the switch” from Windows to a Mac system, one of the very first questions people have is “What do I use to replace the Windows Office applications I was using?”

Apple iWork: You’ve got several alternatives, and they’re all fairly great when you change to the Mac. First, you can buy Apple’s “Office” package, which they’ve named iWork. It contains an app named Numbers, which can be a replacement for Excel; an application named Pages, which is a replacement for Word; and Keynote, which can be a really nice replacement. At less than $100, that is a very nice alternative, and they also have free trials, so you can see prior to buying it if you enjoy it,.

Microsoft Office for Mac OS X: There is a second option to go ahead and purchase Microsoft Office for Mac. This bundle includes Mac variants of the Microsoft Office programs, but at about $500, this can be a rather expensive way to go.With office mac 2011 product key, you can use the office software without any restrictionsIf you need genuine office software, you should buy office mac 2011 product key.

Office Mac 2011 Product Key

Virtualization Software: A third way to go would be to run “virtualization” software on your own Mac system. In short, you install an application named Parallels, and it creates a “virtual machine” on your Mac, and then you install Microsoft Windows and all of your Windows software in that virtual environment.

Think of the like the holodeck on Star Trek. People don’t have any notion that they’re not in real life, when they are in the holodeck. Windows is the same way. When it runs inside this virtual machine, it does not have any idea that it’s not running on a “real” PC. It’s also quite cool to see Windows running inside one Mac window, while all the other windows are running Mac programs. Plus, this options costs considerably less than buying a copy.

Parallels runs astonishingly quickly, as well as contains a “full screen mode”, which lets Windows use the whole screen. It seems like you’re simply running Windows on your own Mac hardware.

Open Office: Another great option is a bit of free software. I was reluctant to advocate a very polished environment, but with recent changes, and until lately Open Office wasn’t it, it works much more like a good, native Mac application, and it’s all the functionality. Given the “free” price tag, this is often a fantastic choice for people on a tight budget.

Other free Mac software: As a final note, although a Mac computer system may seem to be more expensive than a comparable Windows computer system, it’s critical to notice that a new Mac system comes with all kinds of excellent free software programs like iWeb, iMovie, Front Row and GarageBand that enable you to create all sorts of cool things, like music, websites, and pictures. The Mac DVD Player additionally allows you to play DVDs on your own computer system, something you need to pay for with many Windows systems. And the Time Machine software extremely helps simplify the entire process of making copies.

I’ve also owned Mac systems for five years and I have never used any anti virus software on my computer, so you shouldn’t need to confront that added expense.