The Economy

A solid economy is the foundation of a country’s strength. Our economy has been emasculated in the name of socialist precepts and government’s desire to run our lives. As your Congressman, first and foremost I will advocate for Tampa becoming the mecca of international trade in Florida, while advocating for the economic strength of our nation. Leading the world militarily, maintaining our standing abroad with respect, and securing our future is dependent on a strong economy. I do not worry if the world likes us, but I will make every effort for the world to respect us.

Free markets and capitalism have made America the greatest nation in history. Put simply, free market systems work. They may not work perfectly, but they work better than any other system ever devised.  Free markets have yielded prosperity in our country and the rest of the world, beyond compare.

Instead of having honest conversations about the economy, our President with the help of Tampa’s Congressional representative are pushing class warfare and wringing their hands about whether we have enough public sector jobs. My solution is simple, facilitate the environment for the private sector to create and maintain jobs, and the result will be lower unemployment and a stronger economy.

As your Congressman, I will continue the fight to reduce taxes for the small businesses, repeal and replace Obamacare which has destroyed the future of healthcare in our country , and provide more certainty for the employers of this country. I will work hard to cut spending and reduce dependence on government. I am committed to defend our veterans and the elderly from the President’s threats to cut their benefits. And I will work to reform the IRS and pass serious tax reform.