Military & Defense

I believe that our government’s first and primary duty is to protect the people of the United States. If we are not secure from our enemies – both domestic and foreign – we cannot be free or prosperous. Tampa is one of a handful of critical places in the country with a direct responsibility to guard our freedoms.  Mac Dill AFB is a source of pride for our community and a heart beat of our economy, it is both cherished and respected.

The Obama Administration is currently taking action that will cripple the future capability of our military, resulting in a military at pre-1940 levels. This situation is untenable. The President has systematically taken over the economy and is now destroying and emasculating our military. The dangers of terrorism, rogue states, and anti-American movements around the world are not slowing down, they are growing. The threat will continue to get worse if we abandon our commitment to a strong military.

We must have the capacity to act anywhere our interests are threatened, and we must retain our place as the global leader. As your next Congressman, I will advocate for funding for the most powerful, best trained, and most technologically advanced military in the world.

Our troops should never wonder if their equipment and their tactics are going to be superior to those of our enemy. They should know it. That means making investments today and staying far ahead of the next phase of technology. the Department of Defense should not be the centerpiece of government cuts like the President wants.

To attract the best and the brightest to wear our uniform, we must make a commitment to our veterans that we will care for them during and after their years of service. And yes, Mr. President, that means we don’t put veterans’ benefits on the bartering table when you and Congress are discussing entitlement reform. That is an insult to veterans and to their service, and it serves to undermine our volunteer military.

The US military has always been the uniform bringing supplies and relief in times of need and emergency anywhere in the world. It is a soothing sight for the recipients. We throw ourselves to protect innocent women and children in time of war, and we rain military might on the enemies of our country around the world. I will not apologize as we are not citizens of the world, as the President states, we are GOD and Country loving Americans.