Congressional Reform

Reform needs to start at the top – with Congress and the rest of the federal government.

The Constitution prescribes that the House of Representatives be “the people’s house.” Today, it does not really feel like “the people’s house.” It feels more like the house of the country club politicians and special interests.

Seems like members of Congress generally spend more time worrying about getting re-elected and protecting their earmarks than they do about dealing with problems within our Country. No wonder, the majority of Americans feel like Congress is out of touch.

As your Congressman, I will advocate for a fully transparent budgetary process. I will advocate for a more transparent financial disclosure system so that Congressmen who are voting on issues that may affect their personal investments let us know about potential conflicts in real time. Furthermore, I will introduce legislation to require that Congressional healthcare,retirement benefits and laws governing their behavior are the same as other Federal employees. No member of Congress should ever circumvent the laws that we live by!

Finally, I will advocate for passing Congressional term limits. If eight years is enough for the President, it is enough for Congress. To show my commitment to this concept, I will limit myself to 4 terms in Congress regardless of whether we are able to pass term limits.