Serving in Congress is a vocation, not a career as so many politicians define it. I’m running for Congress because our Country and our District are in trouble – the trillion dollar deficit given to us by Congresswoman Castor and the Obama administration has made our Country and our Community less prosperous and less secure. The solutions that will create jobs and provide for our security will not come from career politicians; but, rather from proven leaders capable of securing our Nation and preventing it from falling into the abyss of high unemployment and socialist relativism we are being led into.

I know that serving in Congress is no small thing and no small sacrifice both financially and personally. I also am very aware of the significance of the position and the gravity of the decisions that members of Congress are called to make – particularly in light of the challenges we have facing our country today. After 28 years serving our country, I know that I am uniquely prepared  to bring thoughtful solutions to Congress and work to get rid of the greed and corruption of professional politicians that have ruined our economy and our freedom.

Our country is at a crossroads, and this election is probably the most important one of our lifetime. This generation is in the process of making a decision as to whether we will continue to embrace our God-ordained destiny as the guardian of freedom and a light of hope for the world; or, to sink into the mire of socialist relativism, apologizing for our success, and wondering whether the sacrifices made to build America were really worth it.

I personally have already made my choice. America has nothing to apologize for, nothing to be ashamed of.  America has given the most freedom and the most prosperity to the most people of any nation in the history of earth.

As your Congressman, I will be a part of the leadership team that fosters prosperity and preserves freedom for future generations while guarding and defending the rights of individual achievement so that each member of our community can thrive.



  • Developing the Tampa Port Facility, making Tampa a Mecca for International Trade, bringing businesses and money from Latin America to the United States through the Tampa Bay area.


  • Fight to reduce taxes for small businesses and eliminate unnecessary regulations, providing more certainty for the private sector


  • I vow to work hard to reduce spending while following through on the commitments we have made to our seniors and out veterans.


  • I will work to create a plan for reforming the IRS and achieving serious tax reform



  • Mac Dill AFB and the military living in the Tampa Bay area are one of the key economic engines of the bay area.


  • If we are not secure from our enemies – both domestic and foreign – we cannot be free or prosperous.


  • The dangers of terrorism, rogue states, and anti-American movements around the world are not slowing down, they are growing. The threat will continue to get worse if we abandon our commitment to a strong military.


  • Our troops should never wonder if their equipment and their tactics are going to be superior to those of our enemy.  That means making investments today and staying far ahead of the next phase of technology.


  • We must have the capacity to act anywhere our interests are threatened, and we must retain our place as the global leader. I will advocate for funding for the most powerful, best trained, and most technologically advanced military in the world.
  • I will fight to protect our military and Mac Dill AFB from the $1 Trillion in cuts ordered by the President.


  • We must make a commitment to our veterans that we will care for them during and after their years of service. We do not put veterans’ benefits on the bartering table when discussing entitlement reform. That is an insult to veterans and to their service, and undermines our volunteer military



  • As your Congressman, I will advocate for a fully transparent budgetary process advocate for a more transparent financial disclosure system.


  • I will introduce legislation to require that Congressional healthcare and retirement benefits are the same as other Federal employees.


  • I will work to reform Congress so that Congressmen are bound by the same laws they pass, no more loopholes, insider trading, and automatic raises.


  • I will advocate for passing Congressional term limits. Elected office is a vocation, not a career.


  • To show my commitment to this concept, I will limit myself to four(4) terms in Congress regardless of whether we are able to pass term limits.


  • If elected, I will fight to reduce Congressional waste by reducing the cost of my congressional office.