Hologram Sticker

Hologram Sticker

Innovation in operation is necessary to increase imagination and productivity. The market becomes more demanding in all aspects while competitors are raising regarding amount and quality. We keep doing business in the same manner and make no change and if we print hologram sticker sooner or later we will be abandoned by our customers.

One of the innovation in hologram sticker printing is the Dot Matrix Hologram. Laser beam is used by it to engrave dots. The laser beam is controlled to be sure the process is accurate and precise. The result is amazing hologram stickers with various effects, such as diffraction, moving and switching, zooming.

The mix create a lovely impact of dot matrix hologram sticker. There are various effects that might be made. They are:

1. Substitution effect. It makes flip switches that are different as we see it in different angles of view.

2. Projective effect. It projects word or any text . Images can also project in accordance with the design.

3. Zoom effect. It brings out zoom-in or zoom-out effect using different shapes, including circle, square, curve, polygon and even words.

4. 3D effect. It imitates a two or three dimensional hologram sticker.

5. It creates flashing dots in distinct angles of perspective.

6. Micron text impression. It writes text with micron size.

7. Pearl effect. It brings out the pearl color effect to design or the hologram sticker.

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