The Shark Tank: Kathy Castor Continues “Mediscare” Tactics

Posted yesteday by Javier Manjarres on The Shark Tank, Kathy Castor has continued to regurgitate the same stale Democrat talking points on Medicare. She continues to claim that the proposed Ryan plan would “end Medicare as we know it”, knowing full well that it was Democrats who raided $716 Billion from the Medicare Trust Fund. She also fails to mention that the Ryan plan would leave the current system intact for those 55 and over.

While Kathy Castor focuses her unsubstantiated attacks on the national stage, Col EJ Otero continues to gather support through grassroots efforts from both Republican and Democratic groups.  It is time for a representative in Tampa Bay that focuses on the needs of their constituents, NOT the will of their party leaders in Washington!

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“Demorats’ Medicare Narrative Not Gaining Traction” 

Tampa Tribune on Col Otero’s Primary Victory!

On August 14th, Col EJ Otero was one of two military veterans in the Tampa Bay region to win their primary battle. EJ Otero beat his opponent, Eddie Adams Jr, with 60% of the vote to Eddies 40%. Quoted by the Tribune:

“The establishment way of thinking and doing things are about to change. We are going to have a candidacy concentrating on jobs — saving jobs in Tampa, creating jobs in Tampa, putting a strong plan in place on how to reach out to Latin America for investments for the Tampa Bay region.”

Otero now goes on to face Democrat incumbent Kathy Castor in the Nov 6th General Election.